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Under the umbrella of Love and Noor (Arabic for ‘light’), Nabela focuses on creating content and brands that serve as a vehicle for social change, redefining beauty and fashion standards and advocating for marginalized communities.


From YouTube to TikTok and everything in between, Nabela brings representation to the forefront of all that she creates with passion, enthusiasm and a persistent dedication to spreading tolerance, diversity, activism, and of course, Love & Noor.


Love & Noor houses a variety of brands and projects founded by Nabela, including her personal brand as a public figure, Zeba - a movement and lifestyle brand centered on self-love, Nabela Noor Home - a community for modern homemaking, Noor House - a non-profit scholarship program based in Bangladesh, and Saara & Begum - a home decor and lifestyle brand.


Nabela is a first generation Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur and self-love advocate. Nabela utilizes her platforms to empower and inspire millions of people around the world to love the skin they’re in. Her work centers around her passion for representation and diversity with a commitment to promoting self-love through self-care.

With over 10 million followers across platforms and over 1 billion views, Nabela prioritizes purpose and change in all that she creates and encourages her followers to find the pockets of peace in every day.

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ethically made. inclusively designed. 

championing girls' education.

As a self-love advocate, Nabela continues her powerful work beyond her own platform through her self-love brand and community, Zeba. Named in honor of her mother, who taught Nabela all that she knows about beauty, Zeba strives to redefine beauty standards to be inclusive.

To aide all people in celebrating their bodies, Zeba created it's own sizing system. A sizing standard that transforms the traditional size chart with a new standard, where size-focused labels are replaced with words of affirmation.

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Today, Zeba has an engaging & supportive platform of over 125K community members and over 5 successful launches featuring accessible, ethical and inclusive products. A portion of each purchase from Zeba is donated to JAAGO Foundation, which houses Nabela's non-profit scholarship program, Noor House.

Through Zeba, the world can celebrate their bodies, their identities and their stories with confidence. 

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Nabela Noor Home is an Instagram community for modern homemaking and home inspiration. From decor inspo, delicious recipes and self-care tips to the viral #PocketsOfPeace series, @nabelanoorhome is a hub for all things comfort, peace and inspiration.


Pockets Of Peace or "POP" (originally titled "Quarantine Routine") began as a medium to help Nabela cope with her anxiety during quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Upon sharing her first few videos from the series on TikTok and her homemaking community @NabelaNoorHome, Nabela received an outpouring of support from her audience. What began as a therapeutic outlet quickly became a movement focused on finding peace, thoughtful homemaking and prioritizing self-love through self-care. 6+ million followers and over 1 billion views later, Pockets of Peace is a lifestyle and globally recognized content series.


Pockets of Peace focuses on finding the good in each day and celebrating the moments of goodness surrounding us. Pockets of Peace treats every day like a special occasion and encourages viewers to romanticize the most everyday activities - because there is beauty in the little moments, and they deserve to be celebrated.


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through JAAGO Foundation


Nabela and Seth began developing Noor House following a 2019 trip to Bangladesh where they visited JAAGO Foundation, a non-profit organization and school committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by equipping children with education and resources.

Nabela partnered with JAAGO Foundation to create Noor House, a non-profit scholarship program dedicated to providing 20 girls ages 5-7 with the resources and access to education they need until graduation.

By placing these vulnerable children in classrooms free of the financial burden of education, Noor House girls can focus on the only thing any child should ever have to focus on...being a kid.

Click below to visit the Noor House page to learn more! 

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a celebration of small town Pennsylvania living and South Asian Heritage

Saara & Begum is a family owned brand created and founded by Pennsylvania-based couple Nabela and Seth. 

With a passion for homemaking and love for family traditions, Nabela dreamt of a way to help families everywhere celebrate their homes with meaningful touches and quality products, while practicing self-love through self-care.


Saara & Begum is named in honor of Nabela's grandmothers Saara Syed and Begum Ayesha Noor. The family values and traditions Nabela holds close to her heart were instilled by these two matriarchs, who stitched the fabric of love and togetherness for generations to come. 

This brand is a homage to their legacies, and we hope to capture their essence in our thoughtful range of products.



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