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Love & Noor is a digital media company founded by Nabela Noor and her husband, Seth. 

Under the umbrella of Love and Noor (Arabic for ‘light’), Nabela focuses on creating content and brands that serve as a vehicle for social change, redefining beauty and fashion standards and advocating for marginalized communities. From YouTube to Instagram and everything in between, Nabela brings representation to the forefront of all that she creates with passion, enthusiasm and a persistent dedication to spreading tolerance, diversity, activism, and of course, Love & Noor.


    Love & Noor houses a variety of brands and projects founded by Nabela, including her personal brand as a public figure, Zeba - a movement and lifestyle brand centered on body celebration, Nabela Noor Home - a community for modern homemaking and Noor House - a non-profit scholarship program based in Bangladesh. 

Nabela Noor is a first-generation Bangladeshi-American creator, activist and entrepreneur. Motivated by her commitment to advocacy, Nabela has utilized her voice for a number of powerful, yet marginalized communities including the plus-sized community, Muslim community, South Asian community, and women of color around the world


With over 9 million followers across platforms and over 1 billion views, Nabela continues to prioritize purpose and change in all that she creates. Below are some of the ways she has cultivated a meaningful community among a variety of brands - all of which are committed to spreading love & noor.

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a self-love revolution

Zeba is a community, lifestyle and clothing brand focused on self-love and body celebration. Launched in June of 2019, Zeba has become a growing platform with over 100K community members committed to expanding their self-love journeys through unapologetic confidence. 

Zeba believes that everyone is worthy of representation, celebration and access no matter who you are. Zeba has transformed the old standard of sizing with a new standard where size-focused labels are replaced with words of affirmation.

Through Zeba, the world can celebrate their bodies, their identities and their stories with confidence. 


More than your size, more than a number on a scale, more than a label on a garment, Zeba believes that you are passionate, brave, inspiring, fearless, radiant, powerful, loved, independent and worthy - no matter what. 

Nabela Noor Home is an Instagram community for modern homemaking and home inspiration. From decor inspo, delicious recipes and self-care tips to the viral #PocketsOfPeace series, @nabelanoorhome is a hub for all things comfort, peace and inspiration.


Visit the Living page for Nabela's favorite recipes and home decor items!


In collaboration with JAAGO Foundation, the Noor House Scholarship program founded by Nabela Noor focuses on the sponsorship and commitment to girls education at the Banani Branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Click below to visit the Noor House page to learn more! 

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